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  5. "מה בדיוק אתה עושֶה?"

"מה בדיוק אתה עושֶה?"

Translation:What exactly are you doing?

July 15, 2016



mah b-diuk atah oseh


Why is it .......מה בדיוק and not ......את מה ?


I put "Just what are you doing?" What makes this rendering incorrect?


It was counted incorrect for me as well, and I wondered why, because one of the hints for bediyuq was “just”, so I thought “Just what are you doing?” should be accepted. But maybe it’s helpful to think along on the lines that even though “just” is sometimes the meaning, “just” is not necessarily the meeting here, because if you use “just” here, it’s an intensifier, possibly accusatory, to indicate that I think you should not be doing what you’re doing. I don’t think that bediyuq is an intensifier. “Just” for bediyuq would fit in a sentence such as “that’s just what I need to hear.” So because “just” is an intensifier here rather than having the meaning of “exactly”, that means that “exactly” should be used.


'what are you doing exactly?' is also correct!


That would be מה אתה עושה בדיוק?

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