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Good or bad English?

As far as the English translations are concerned, I have noticed the following: In the French course the translator is more flexible and the English sentences are reflecting the real content of the French one. In the Italian course the translation is rather poor, word to word type and sometimes not correct grammatically. In the Hebrew course the English sentences are sometimes far from being correct and sometimes they do not match with the real messages of the Hebrew sentences. In my view it would be advisable to have a real native proof reader for the correction of the English sentences in each course.

July 15, 2016



If you think the English is incorrect or unnatural, you can report that. I think that's even how the option is worded -- "English is incorrect or unnatural." I also know from interacting with course mods that they usually like it if you can explain what's wrong in more detail by selecting "other" as well.


Correct. Also, we have two native English speakers on the team (myself included), but there are nearly 10,000 sentences in the course, and we are volunteers, so with the hour or so I can afford to give to the course every day, I can't possibly check every single sentence. It will take time, and as I'm sure you know French and Italian have had much more time to mature (years), than Hebrew, so with time our course will also improve.


This is why the course is in beta, which means it's being tested, translations are being added or corrected, etc. This is also why there's a report button for sentences where something is unnatural, there's a problem with the audio, a translation should be accepted, etc.


Dear Friends, I appreciate all your comments and good advice! Thank you for taking your time! I think it is great that people are doing such valuable things, like language teaching in their free time! - Kol hakavod and we hope that the Hebrew course also will improve day by day! :-)

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