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  5. "ילדה"


Translation:A girl

July 15, 2016



From the first lesson till this part. I've not ever hear the audio, looking one by one the comment part


audio not working


This is duolingo's memrise course: https://www.memrise.com/course/1031737/hebrew-duolingo/

It's extremely helpful, as it has all the same vocab (in order; I'm doing the two concurrently) and the memrise course has audio for every vocabulary word.

I try to stay just a little ahead in memrise so that I've heard how all the words sound before I come across them here on duo. Once in a while I get them here first, then I just memorize the spelling and head over to memrise when I finish. :D


Yes, I recommend it too. I do the lessons on Memrise before coming to Duo for each lesson. It's probably not ideal, but it's really helping me recognise the Hebrew letters quicker as we have to type up answers.


Thank you for the info!


Not every sentence has audio, by Duolingo's choosing. Use a pronunciation dictionary such as http://forvo.com/ for any words you haven't come across yet that don't have audio (or wait till you meet them again in another sentence).


Hmm.. what's the logic behind that please? You get a word that you haven't seen before, and asked to translate it. How does it help if you are not told what the word sounds like?


For all the other languages I have seen, the audio is always there when there is a speaker icon... Is it only Hebrew that is like this?


Lack of audio on new vocab makes learning the sounds of the letters pretty hard...


what's the use of teaching a word without teaching its pronunciation? especially when teaching a language which uses a different alphabet where the vowels aren't even shown?


Where's the sound?

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