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"Hoeveel punten hebben ze gescoord?"

Translation:How many points did they score?

2 years ago



Why is "zij" not accepted?

2 years ago

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Unless it was a listening exercise, 'zij' is accepted.

2 years ago


I would have thought the translation of this would be "how many points have they scored" rather than "how many points did they score". The first one implies the game is still going on and you are asking how many points they have scored so far. The second implies the game is over. How would you ask those different questions in Dutch?

7 months ago

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If it wasn't clear from context, e.g. because the person asking has just arrived late at a game in progress, or a football mom that has just arrived back from a match with a dejected looking pair of players being asked this question, I'd probably add something like 'so far' / 'up to now' / 'already'.

4 months ago