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  5. "Nie będzie żadnego wywiadu."

"Nie będzie żadnego wywiadu."

Translation:There will be no interview.

July 15, 2016



Dlaczego nie tu mogę pisać "there won't be an interview"?


"Dlaczego nie mogę tu napisać..." - perfective "napisać", because you want to write it once and 'finish writing' this sentence, and "nie tu" means "not here" ;)

I think that the emphatic "żadnego" needs it to be "no interview" or "not any interview".


My respect for learning this language is growing every day. Dziękuję bardzo :)


There will not be any interview?


This version should have been accepted as well.


I am aware this is somehow the wrong tense, but really can't understand why, can someone explain please: "there is not going to be any interview"


To me, this looks like a correct translation. I've just added it to the list of acceptable answers.


Is "nie będzie" somehow the future tense version of "nie ma"? Is that why the genitive is used here?


Yes. "nie ma" surprises with the choice of the verb "to have", but Past Tense and Future Tense use "to be" as one would expect.


...except that if it were behaving like "to be", I would have expected "żadny wywiad", or maybe even "żadnym wywiadem" (though I guess the latter is ruled out because there is no subject).

I wonder: is it possible to say "Nie będzie mieć żadnego wywiadu"?


"żadny" somehow is not an existing form, although it would follow the usual rules. But the right masculine singular form is "żaden".

"żadnym wywiadem" - well, that is correct on its own, but it's Instrumental, so let's say "Ta rozmowa nie będzie żadnym wywiadem" = "This conversation will be no interview! Just two people talking, completely off the record!".

"Nie będzie mieć żadnego wywiadu" - also 'somewhat possible', but that just literally means "He/She won't have any interview".

So "nie będzie" is simply the Future Tense of "nie ma", even if the verb happened to change.


,, Nie będzie wywiadu.,, A, gdzie jest angielskie ,,żadnego,,?


"no" spełnia tutaj trochę podobną funkcję co "żadnego", chociaż "Nie będzie wywiadu" wciąż jest poprawnym tłumaczeniem.

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