"Odwiedzamy muzeum narodowe."

Translation:We are visiting the national museum.

July 15, 2016

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Isn't it normally zwiedzać for visiting a tourist attraction and odwiedzać for visiting people (or old haunts)?


Ok, with people, the distinction is quite clear. You can only use odwiedzać. In most other cases both verbs are possible, and the difference is quite nuanced, I'd say. Zwiedzać is closer to tour around, and odwiedzać is closer to visit. You can of course say zwiedzamy muzeum, the meaning wouldn't change a lot. It sounds, hm... more thorough, maybe?

However, if you say "zwiedzam Francję", that would imply that you visit more than just one place in France, but "odwiedzam Francję" can theoretically mean that you just take a look at one specific place and leave soon afterwards.


"Zwiedzać" = visit, tour, see, perambulate, inspect.

"Odwiedzać" = visit, go, see, call, pay a visit, pay a call.

You can "odwiedzać" not only people but also familiar places, especially the ones you used to live in ("odwiedzać stare kąty"), like a district you used to know very well. The goal is to refresh or bring back memories. Rare usage: we also go somewhere to spend some time there, even for a new place.


can "attend" also be a correct answer?


Well, it doesn't sound good to my ear, I asked some native speakers and they agreed with it. You don't attend a museum.


You can attend an event at a museum but you would never just attend a museum. Dictionary definition ... be present at an event, meeting or function


When do adjectives come after the nouns they modify?

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