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Custom Practice Sessions?

Are there any plans to be able to customize a practice session? I know right now I can click the general “strengthen skills” button to practice a computer generated mixture of my weakest words. I also know that I can go to the individual topics and practice them to improve the strength of the individual topics on their own. However I feel it would be beneficial to be able to select multiple topics and combine the weakest words from each in a deliberate way.

For instance, If I am pretty comfortable with several verb tenses in Spanish individually, such as the preterite and the imperfect, but often confused the endings when working outside of the individual lessons. Why not have the option to pick the two topics and have the computer give me a medley of my weakest words from each lesson to allow me to work through them in a concentrated manner?

The same idea would go for topics that are mostly vocabulary based, such as people and occupations. I am just getting the feeling that I can master much of the vocabulary within a lesson, but find it difficult to generalize. Customizable practice may be able to help me with that.

Of course I have no idea if that is even possible at the technological level, or how much work it would be, but I feel like there are many who would benefit from this type of option.


Keep up the good work DL team!

4 years ago


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Hi ryguy406c,

There is a vocabulary tab option in the works. It isn't here yet, but it's on it its way. I don't know what features will be included in the new version. The old version let us focus on, say, just "past verbs" etc. So, just stick with your studies, do a lot of practice, and make sure to utilize both the Duolingo Language Discussion forums, as well as resources outside of Duolingo.

Here is a link to all of the discussion forums, what they are for, and where to find them: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1254215


4 years ago


Thanks very much for your reply! I look forward to using the new vocabulary tab when it is completed.

4 years ago