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  5. "¿Esto es real?"

"¿Esto es real?"

Translation:Is this real?

January 31, 2013



¿Es esta fantasia?


Caught in a landslide, no escape from...



Open your eyes

Look up to the skies and seeeee......


Soy sólo un niña pobre...


De una familia pobre


I think that either 'real' or 'royal' should be accepted as correct.


Why does royal not work in the sentence?


For one thing, if you went to Buckingham Palace and asked "esto es real? (is this real)", one might think that you thought you were having a dream. Also, if you met a member of the Royal Family and asked them if they were real, I'm pretty sure they would not be impressed. They do sound the same, but there is a BIG difference. :)


However, real is an acceptable word for royal. Think of the football (fútbol, soccer, whatever) team Real Madrid. I feel like it's a context dependent thing. "Is this royal?" might be a super weird thing to say, but earlier there was a sentence about some elephants not having eyes, so in theory strangeness of a sentence translation does not make it incorrect on this site.


Interesting. Google Translate seems to clarify the fact that the Spanish word 'real' translates to the English 'real' and 'royal', so it kind of makes sense now. Gracias por la informacion!

[deactivated user]

    Be wary of Google Translate hey... It has the flaw that in languages like Spanish and German, where there are masculine and feminine words, it does not always account for feminine words. This is a minor translating mistake, but can cause serious offence to some people when you go overseas or wherever you meet them. Yeah, some people are a tad too sensitive and need to chill...


    Yes, I've noticed that Google Translate is not always compatible with Duolingo translations; I've learned not to use it to help with lessons (also because if one uses it to do a lesson for them, then they're not really learning the lesson). However I do find it helpful for 1 or 2 word translations, where I find that it's usually correct.


    Real also means royal


    I know this may be an odd question for Determiners, but ive come across many questions concerning subjects/DO/IO. What is the subject in the above sentence? What is the DO?


    LearnTACO32, There is no direct or indirect object in this sentence. This = subject, is = verb, and real = adverb.


    Real is an adjective. Its specific role in the sentence is as a predicate adjective. Real does not modify the linking verb "is" in any way.


    Sorry. Corey is right. I should have said adjective. LearnTACO32, There is a great set of videos on this subject. http://www.senorjordan.com/los-videos/ This teacher is young, energetic, and his teaching method is effective. He makes it very clear (and fun).


    Would Este es real? be correct?


    If you are pointing at some masculine it could work. As long as it isn't ambiguous.


    As rmcgwn said it depends on whether or not the gender of what you're referring to is know - as it is not in this context it is the neutral gender form 'esto' rather than the masculine form 'este'.

    Have a looking at the tips section when you open up the determiners section to help clarify this point.



    Can you also ask "Es esto real?" or no?


    Can someone explain why "this is for real?" is a wrong answer? Thanks!


    why "Is it real?" is a wrong answer?


    I'm wondering the same. I guess duolingo is just picky sometimes


    I have things to do why take me back to do other lessons I have already done . Keep it up I will delete you from my phone. I do have other things to do


    Duolingo after dentist


    Why we cannot to say: es real? without esto?


    Do you think that is air what you breathe?

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