"Which hotels are the rich singers resting in?"

Translation:Melyik szállodákban pihennek a gazdag énekesnők?

July 15, 2016

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Is it that important to put PIHENNEK behind the SZÁLLODÁKBAN? I have placed the verb at the end of the sentance and it is not accepted as correct.


Singers can be male or female so the other correct translation should be: Melyik szallodakban pihennek a gazdag enekesek? I have reported it but nobody seem to respond. Out of the close to 30 posts I got about 2 responses so far.


Thank you for your reports :) I am sure there are quite a few reports, and not all that many volunteers helping with the course, so it may take a while.

Also, I believe there is no single place where course maintainers can see all reports at once; instead, they have to open one skill at a time and then they can see reports for sentences inside that skill. So depending on which skill(s) a course maintainer looks at when, it could take a bit longer.

So please be patient, but continue reporting :)


Thanks for the info, I start to see the process a bit better thanks to your help. Hey, at least we got a Hungarian language course to start with and we'll perfect it along the way. People have been waiting for 1.5 year now so I wouldn't be surprised if some have turned away already. It's a process, as they say... Happy summer, Everyone!


Még most sem javították


I got burned with Melyik szállodákban a gazdag énekesnő pihen. Why is singers plural?!

This is the fourth example I have had to comment on in this section. It's just another request to have this whole section rewritten - the tips attached are completely insufficient for this lesson! I want to learn this language and there are too many curveballs being thrown here!


what about MALE singers? why is énekesek wrong?


I said the same thing, Ted, scroll up before you post.




The pleasure is all mine! Keep up the good work!


Also: "melyik hotelekben" would also be correct since hotel can be translated into Hungarian as "hotel"


Yes, I can attest to that. Thanks god for international words. Although "hotel" has a perfectly good Hungarian translation we use "hotel" just as much.


And why not to use Melyek with plural?

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