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Suggestion for any course for English speakers when the language uses a different alphabet

Have them learn the alphabet first before moving onward.

July 15, 2016



I don't know what course you're talking about, but in the Russian and Hebrew trees the very first lessons are actually there to teach you the alphabets by introducing simple words with the same letters bit by bit. I personally think this is well done. And you can check the "tips&notes" during the lessons. If you don't like this approach you can always use other resources.


I don't think it's a good way to do it. It's a pattern recognition thing. I need to know what these letters are. I would rather prefer a simple introduction to the alphabets as the first few lessons. For Hebrew and several other languages, it's also important to know the language is read from right to left. I don't know if it says this in the tips and notes section, but these tips and notes aren't always given, and it's hard to access that area, if not impossible sometimes, on the Android app.


Maybe you didn't notice or pay much attention to the "tips and notes" ( I myself didn't even know they existed until I started learning Hebrew! D: ) They are very important in this kind of courses and give you a table with the alphabet and explanations on every one of the first lessons explaining the alphabet and grammar. It's everything there, maybe you just didn't notice it. And don't let the alphabets discourage you from learning, it gets easier the more you get used to it and start noticing patterns.


Hebrew isn't on the Android app yet anyways, so anyone who is taking the course is on a web browser and should be able to see the tips and notes. Which do, in fact, provide all of the information you're asking for.

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