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"הטבח מכין תפריט חדש למסעדה שלו."

Translation:The cook prepares a new menu for his restaurant.

July 15, 2016



Can't "Machin" also mean to make?


Yes, if it didn't accept it then it's a mistake


Because the verb is from a hollow root, you pronounce it מֵכִין [mekhin]


Is this true? All hifil verbs begin with ma, except for certain exceptions. One exception is the case of hollow verbs, which contain a vav or yod or contain hei as the final letter. With hollow root verbs, the ma of the first syllable changes to “me”.

Here are two other times that the root strays from the usual vowel pattern.

When there is a gutteral anywhere (אהחע) or when ר is the second root letter.

When the root begins with נ or the root ends with the same two consonants.


Well, yes, if I do not forget another case, roots I-Yodh, hollow roots and roots with a doubled second consonat deviate from the [ma]: הוּא מוֹרִיד (from √ירד) he lowers, הוּא מֵקִים (from √קום) he establishes and הוּא מֵסֵב (from √סבב) he turns.


A "cook" does this? That's not a cook's job. Perhaps a chef?


A chef just means he's professionally trained via a degree or an apprenticeship. A cook can create a menu, not having training doesn't preclude you from making a menu. It could be the cook for a summer camp cafeteria, a private caterer or a family home.


Sounds like he's cooking a menu.


"?מה בדיוק ההבדל בין "בשביל" ו"ל


It's a good question. I don't know. (I answered so maybe someone will see and I'll find out too).


עונה במדויק. מדוע. זה לא מתקבל?

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