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  5. "אני חושב שהם עצמאיים."

"אני חושב שהם עצמאיים."

Translation:I think that they are independent.

July 15, 2016



I assume it can also refer to countries. How would you say independence? How does Independence Day look in Israel? Is it a big or widely celebrated holiday?


Independence day in Hebrew is "יום העצמאות". Of course it's big! it's one of the biggest and most fun occasions in the year!

Usually, at the night of the independence day, people go out on the streets, watch concerts and fireworks. The day after we usually have a family "מנגל" (barbecue) which is one of the hallmarks of the holiday.

Interestingly, the day before the independence day is the memorial day for the fallen soldiers and those who were killed by acts of terror. This is in order to commemorate those who gave their lives so we could celebrate the independence day, so you could imagine it's a pretty sharp transformation from sadness to happiness (which is pretty unique).

You can read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independence_Day_(Israel)


Thank you! It's very interesting. The date here is according to the Hebrew calendar. I wonder if nowadays the traditional calendar is used on a daily basis? There is some information on Wikipedia but how does it actually look like?


The secular population only uses the Hebrew calendar for national and religious holidays. Even the Jewish religious population mostly uses a combined Roman Hebrew calander which looks like that: http://calendar.2net.co.il/


mostly religous people use the Hebrew calendar but most of the people use the "regular" calendar



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