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  5. "אני חושב שהוא גבר פשוט."

"אני חושב שהוא גבר פשוט."

Translation:I think that he is a simple man.

July 15, 2016



When you are referring to a man (like in this sentence), may it be considered an insult, does it mean something like ordinary or is it more neutral?


No, this isn't an insult. It could have a few meanings. One means something sort of like "he's a man that doesn't care too much for the complicated things in life". Another meaning would be a man like a farm labourer, a peddler, or someone of that sort, a man who probably hasn't had much of a chance in life at being educated, wears plain clothing, a simple man. If you wanted to say "he's an ordinary man", you would say הוא גבר רגיל.


תודה רבה :)


Well if it's said by a woman it can be an insult. Usually "גבר" is used more in the masculine (manly) way, to emphasize that he is a man and not a woman.

If you'd like to state the fact that he is ordinary, then you usually use the word "אדם" or "בן אדם".


So when you talk about people in general you use only אדם unless you want to be specific? Interesting :) What is the difference between אדם and בן אדם? What is the etymology of the latter? Why is it used this way?


Yes, it can also refer to females (although if you use the long form, you should say "בת אדם"). They both mean the same thing and both of them originate in the book of Genesis. "אדם" refers to Adam, the first man, and since we are all his descendants then we are all "בני אדם" or "sons of Adam" :)

I don't think there's a specific reason for "אדם", It's just a shorter form of that means the exact same thing.

By the way, another way to say the same thing is: "בני אנוש". Here I am not 100% sure, but I think that אנוש was the grandchild of Adam, from which humanity as we know it developed (correct me if i'm wrong).


אף אחד לא אומר בת אדם. בחיים לא שמעתי את זה, אפילו לא בספרות.


מוזר מאד שאתה אומר את זה, אני דוקא קורא הרבה ונתקלתי בזה גם בחיי היום-יום וגם בספרות.

אז מה אתה אומר שאתה רוצה לקרוא לנקבה בן אדם?


ומצד שני מאוד מוזר לי לשמוע בת אדם. זה מקובל לגמרי לומר בשפת הדיבור ש״היא אחלה בנאדם״ .. או ״האישה הזאת בנאדם מאוד רציני/ת״. אולי זה משהו איזורי, או משהו שיותר תלוי בגיל..


I tried, "I think that he is just a man," but they marked it wrong. They had given as a clue for פשוט simple, simply or just. It's like the line from the famous Tammy Wynette song Stand By Your Man. She loves him and she forgives him because "after all, he's just a man" meaning he's only human; he's not a Superman.


Yes, פשוט can be both an adjective (simple) or an adverb (simply, just), but the word order determines what it is. Since here it is behind the noun גבר it can only be an adjective - "a simple man". If it were before, it would be "simply a man".


Genesis 5:6 says that Enosh is the grandson of Adam.

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