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  5. "Katten trenger et godt hjem."

"Katten trenger et godt hjem."

Translation:The cat needs a good home.

July 15, 2016



Looks like there's a market for Duolingo Adoption Services.

Need someone to practice your target language with, but humans are too scary?
We have just the cat for you!

Duo cats can...

  • Listen inattentively to any language offered on Duolingo.
  • Give you an introductory course in feline body language.
  • Purr in a calming manner when you make the same typo for the third time in a row.
  • Provide cuddles when arbitrary genders and complicated case systems get you down.
  • Knock your glass over as a welcome distraction after your 15th lesson of the day.

green cat


I would like more information on adopting a Duokatt. Since I started learning Norwegian I have practiced with my cat, but he will just stare at me as if he has no idea what I'm talking about, or he completely ignores me. He does knock glasses over, but I think that's out of spite.


That's just pawsome! Sounds like the purrfect cat for me!

  • 1098

I love cats...


All cats deserve a good home!


Jeg vil ha katten! Jeg kan gi ham et godt hjem. Hvor mye er han?


I'll take the cat! I'll gladly take the cat!


Et godt hjem trenger en katt....eller mer


Kan det ikke bli "hjemme" i stedet for "hjem" i dette uttrykket?


No, you need to use the noun here.

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