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  5. "Cosa impari dal libro?"


"Cosa impari dal libro?"

January 31, 2013



Aren't both answers correct? Did anyone say "imparo"?


I got this as the same multiple choice as you appear to have. And, similarly, I wonder why both are not correct. I went for "impari" but would have thought "imparo" (what did I learn from the book) is also correct.


Yes, both are correct choices. Please report it.


Which both answers? ;) "imparo" would be first person singular, "What did I learn from the book?"


Here's another problem with duolingo. My comment was about a question, I believe a multiple choice type, but because the "main point" of that question (the preposition?) was the same as the one here, using a similar sentence, my comment appears here as well wherever I made it. I've seen this happen many times, and it can be a source of confusion (as here). I don't know if I was right since we are not seeing the question I originally commented on, but I was not talking about the translation of THIS sentence.


Oh, I see. Sorry about that!

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