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  5. "One hundred and one dogs"

"One hundred and one dogs"

Translation:Một trăm lẻ một con chó

July 15, 2016



Which one is southern dialect and which is northern?

July 15, 2016


Another difference is that in the North it's common to use linh (from Chinese 零) in place of lẻ (which is more common in the South). For instance a Northerner could say "một trăm linh một" but a Southerner would almost always say "một trăm lẻ một".

July 20, 2016


You mean the audio? The voice talent is of northern dialect.

July 16, 2016


101 dogs > Wrong. Why?!

September 1, 2018


Why is the "lẻ" required here? I just did another "X hundred and one" answer and I was marked wrong for adding the "lẻ"

March 18, 2019
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