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  5. "Where are my glasses?"

"Where are my glasses?"

Translation:Gdzie są moje okulary?

July 15, 2016



Pan Hilary szuka swoje okulary :D


Surely SZKLANKI is "glasses" in the sense of "tumblers". Misleading to have this word in a lesson which has introduced the word for "glasses" - "specs".


True, it's misleading. When you find it as an PL->ENG exercise, it actually is about glasses that you wear = "okulary". Glasses used for drinking = 'szklanki' work as well, and so far both 'szklanki' and 'okulary' were ex aequo "the best solution", so Duolingo would just show you one of these randomly.

I changed it, now only "okulary" will be the best solution, and "szklanki" just an accepted solution to avoid confusion.

Also added "eyeglasses" and "spectacles". Is "specs" a colloquial word, or a completely normal one?


Many thanks! "Specs" is colloquial but very common.


Could somebody please explain to me why "mój okulary" is not accepted? Thanks.


Okulary are plurale tantum. You used a pronoun for masculine singular, while you should have used one for not masculine-personal plural.

Singular "okular" is translated as "eyepiece" and it's a part of things like microscope or telescope, so one's rather unlikely to use this word unless someone's very interested in optics.


Biega, krzyczy pan Hilary

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