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Sentence Structures

Anyone having the problem of knowing the majority of the German, but not how to write/understand the Sentence Structures?


July 15, 2016



What is it you need help with, exactly? I can make a guess at helping you, by for example reminding you that in German the verb always comes second unless you're asking a question, but maybe you already knew that. And I could tell you that in a sentence with multiple verbs (e.g. "I will eat that"), the second verb gets pushed to the end of the sentence (Ich werde das essen). But you may already know that, too.


Kaum eine Präsentation in Silicon Valley war in den letzten Wochen gieriger erwartet worden als die des Elektroautoherstellers Tesla.

One example


barely any presentation in SV had been looked forward to with more anticipation than that of car-manufacturer Tesla... It's pretty similar to english isn't it ? The only thing u have to take care of is how the verb splits up within the sentence. "war erwartet worden" is the verb in this case. then u ask who or what had been anticipated ? and there u have the subject Eine Präsentation war erwartet worden. The rest is just blabla to specify the sentence.... how had it been anticipated? When ? Kaum gieriger als die von Tesla, in den letzten wochen... So always start with the verb look for your subject and then add in the rest.


This is a good source on word order / sentence structure in German, if you were looking for something like that.

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