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Lesson 1 in preverbs2

Very frustrating lesson, with several mistakes. The only way to get through lesson is to provide incorrect answers. Someone needs to check and correct!

July 15, 2016



We are beta-testing ... you just did check the lesson. Did you document it for the developers?

Every time you run across a translation that looks wrong to you, hit the "Report a problem" button at the bottom.

I haven't gotten that far yet. Best bet is for you to go through and do the lesson again, flagging each issue you find; otherwise, the people working on the course will never know.


Thank you! Did not know this. Now I will be sure to flag.


The whole "Preverbs 2" section is in a very rough state, and right now entails less learning the language than memorizing which form of the answer will be accepted, but we improve it as we go through.

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