I want to change from latin to cyrillic alphabet.

July 15, 2016


That's not how it works...

Hungarian is in a Latin alphebet.

Why cyrillic?
Isn't Hungarian's alphabet (an extension of) the Latin alphabet?

This request makes absolutely no sense. A much better, more reasonable, and awesome request would be if you wanted the Hungarian course to support Székely–magyar rovásírás:

I would be all for that! (It would be fairly easy for developers to implement as well considering the one to one correspondence of the modern system, although I guess it wouldn't be super useful considering that practically nobody uses it...)

I don't think I've ever seen Hungarian written with the cyrillic alphabet.

According to Wikipedia there is a Hungarian Cyrillic alphabet used in Vojvodina: I'm not sure that's actually the case, though; I can't find any mention of it on Hungarian Wikipedia, and the alphabet as given there doesn't mark vowel lengths, which would be very impractical for actual use. The second Cyrillic variant described on the page above seems more practical, if "confusing people by writing their language using a different alphabet" meets your definition of "practical" ;-)

I don't know about 1945 as I don't date back to that period :) but I can assure you that we don't use cyrillic for transcribing Hungarian in Vojvodina, as Serbian language uses both cyrillic and latin alphabets. One might only use it to simplify Hungarian pronunciation for a Serbian person learning Hungarian. In that case, a lot would be lost, since you can't transcribe ö, ő, ú, ű with any Serbian letter.

There is a way to change your computer's keyboard settings to provide you the full range of Hungarian letters ... is that what you're talking about?

Ми а фас?

I doubt it would be even possible to represent all Hungarian sounds with cyrillic (even including non-slavic letters).

Quote from : “The Hungarian Cyrillic alphabet was invented by Samuel P. Bateman, who wanted to make it easier for Hungarians to learn Russian as a second language.”

As already someone said here it lacks vowel lenghts. Wait, it does mark vowel length but it is wrong described in the article. This could be due to an inexperienced user who created the article.

Furthermore I could not find the inventor of the alphabet online other than at this old article at Omniglot (which now has a different design):

Sounds really odd to me. Maybe it was only proposed and never used or I may be wrong and it is used in this region in Serbia.

Wow, thanks, this is priceless!

Vojvodina people might only use cyrillic transcription of Hungarian as an internal joke. Serbian cyrillic alphabet is phonetic, 1 letter per 1 sound.

Yes bruv, there is no cyrillic for hungarian...

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