"Hova mászol?"

Translation:Where are you climbing?

July 15, 2016

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I understand "Hova mászol?" as climbing to get somewhere, like to the top of a tree. However, if I wanted to ask someone, "Where are you climbing?" meaning, "Where are you going rock climbing?" would that be "HOL mászol?"


-------- this is a really good question, bets. maybe one day we'll get an answer ? . . .

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Thank sounds correct to me, but do not know the answer


Im confused as to how it can mean both climb AND crawl... these are completely different actions...


Are they so different?

They both involve moving on your hands and knees -- just that one is on a horizontal surface, the other on a vertical.

Consider a lizard crawling along the ground or climbing up a tree -- the motion is pretty similar.


But imagine the creature isn't one that walks by crawling... a goat would not crawl up a mountain, it would climb up it. I climb a ladder, and that is not on my hands and knees. The English dictionary says: Crawl - Move forward on the hands and knees or by dragging the body close to the ground. Climb - Go or come up a (slope or staircase); ascend They seem pretty different to me! This makes me ask the question: is the use of this word in Hungarian different to my understanding of it in English?


The google image search for mászik gives an interesting mix of hard core climbers and babies :D


That's made my day - I've given you a lingot as a "thank you" hahahahaha :D


As a Swedish speaker I can say the same about English. Why is "hard" used for both material that isn't soft (hard surface) and for difficulty things (hard task). To me, these things are completely different, yet English uses the same word for both.


Used in everyday Hungarian for babies wandering off, presumably towards something either dangerous or edible, or perhaps both.

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