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  5. "סליחה, אין לי מפית."

"סליחה, אין לי מפית."

Translation:Sorry, I do not have a napkin.

July 15, 2016



19/July/2018: "sorry" is still not capitalized.


Why not, let's let it lowercase, but allow it at the end of the sentence at least!


Yes, indeed. They marked my answer wrong! "I do not have a napkin, sorry" should be correct.


Still not, july 2020


"sorry" was not capitalized


I continue to be marked off for translating "סליחה" as "pardon," which is a little annoying.


It's been added. One by one we'll get there.


I think it is more natural to say: i do not have a napkin. I would add this choice.


A proble with the program.


Not sure why, "Excuse me, there is no napkin" is marked wrong.


I do not have = אין לי


I think we can say: Excuse me, there are no napkins here... Plural sounds right to my ear, but not singular.


Sorry, I have not a napkin...are you really sure it's incorrect???


Yes, that's incorrect English.


I am absolutely sure it IS incorrect. In English you have NO and NOT. Please check the difference: https://leo.stcloudstate.edu/grammar/nonot.html or here: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/no-or-not

You have to pay attention to what is the emphasis of the negation: I do not have a napkin (NOT is attached to the verb - NOT HAVE). You might use NO as well but you have to express is differently: No, I do not have a napkin. or They had no napkins at this party. Which conveys the same meaning as : No, they didn't have any napkins. I do not know what other language you speak, but in many language you have these two negations. When learning a new language I always try to find parallel with the language where I "feel" it. For example, for me it would be Russian or English or Hebrew. So try to find parallels if you can. At some point you will feel it...


No, it is not correct. And your articles prove that, and you still say it is correct.

Sorry, I do not have a napkin. - correct.

Sorry, I have not a napkin. - incorrect.

Not sure what is unclear about that.


Napkin - mopit. Way to remember... I had a spill. I'll MOPIT with a napkin :-)


Except, it's pronounced "mapit" and not "mopit".

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