"Az óvónő az új telefonnál kiabál."

Translation:The kindergarten teacher is shouting by the new telephone.

July 15, 2016

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Jeez, what happened? Did she lose her ability to fly or something?


She probably fell in the water when she tried to walk on it a few lessons ago.


How would you say that the kindergarten teacher is shouting at the phone in the sense of her yelling at it angrily, not in the sense of being near it? That's the image the English sentence evoked for me, but I feel like there's a chance it wouldn't be expressed this way in Hungarian. ;) (The sentence I entered used at and not by, just in case you're confused looking at the translation above. XD)


she is shouting by the telephone (near the telephone) = a telefonnál kiabál

she is shouting at the telephone (into the telephone) = a telefonba kiabál


Calm down, new kindergarten teacher!


Please can we English have nursery school teacher? It has been added in other instances up until now.


If "nursery school teacher" was accepted in other sentences but not in this one, then you should use the Report a problem button to report that it needs to be added as an alternative translation.

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    English speakers in England do not use the word "kindergarten" and many will not know what it means. More than one of us has reported this but so far no amendment has been made. By the way, during the 1980s for a time in England the people in the sentence under discussion were known as "nursery nurses" (infelicitous, but a bit of crackpot politics).


    why not "shouts at the new telephone?"


    "shouts at", to me, indicates that his shouts are directed towards the telephone -- i.e. it's a movement rather than a position like in "he is standing at the street corner".

    And -nál indicates position, not destination of movement.


    interesting. I was thinking standing at where the phone is (likely a land line) and never considered the distinction. thanks


    See earlier reply to same question.


    Nursery school teacher - PLEASE!


    Still no "nursery school teacher".


    Does she just stand near the new phone and shout at someone in the room or shout into the phone at someone at the other end of the phone wire?


    She standings near the phone. The -nál/nél endings are positional endings. They indicate something/one that is positionally next to something (e.g az autónál = at/by the car). If the object is being yelled at, then the ending would contain some directional ending.


    the kindergarten teacher shouts by the new telephone .Dare I ask WHAT is wrong in this

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    The kindergarten teacher shouts by the new telephone. - Az óvónő az új telefonnál szokott kiabálni.


    What is szokott kiaba'lni?

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