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German Resources, Music, and more!

Hallo alle!
This is a post of most german resources that you can do while learning the language or after. Please upvote so this is visible to more people. No spamming or rude comments.. Danke!

German YouTube Channels

Songs in German(Channels on YouTube)
Learn German Through Music
GMC Shlager
Warner Music Germany

Memrise courses
• Official courses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 for German with audio.
Conversational German
Advanced German Vocabulary
Comprehensive Duolingo
Intermediate German
NOTE: If you would like to check out more German courses, see here.

• I would advise going on Memrise and Duolingo(Or any other language learning site) and listen to the audio, repeating the word after they say it.

Extra Exercises

Smarter German
Englisch Blog - A blog for learners who are fluent/know German.

The Guardian - In English, but news from Germany
DW - In English, but news from Germany, and neighboring states, and countries.
German Newspapers - A list of German Newspapers. Some are English, and some are German.
News4Kids - News for kids.
Kid Magazines - NOTE: This is on Pinterest, so if you don't have an account, you might not be able to access the link. If not, here is a substitute link which is TIME

Comic Books - A list of comic books in German
Wiki - A wiki about German comics
NOTE: If you would like to see comic stripes, search "German Comics" and look at the images.

Danke to Doge2302 , Neco_Coneco
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July 15, 2016



Thank you. I love German newspapers (I buy the lovely hard copy ones) and find the articles helpful - some easy, some difficult. The magazines that accompany them are stuffed with good texts. And adverts! Job vacancies, rent and buy ads, etc. All good stuff.


Thank you for this!!

I also highly recommend this site for videos that are a great complement to Duolingo's vocabulary focussed curriculum:


It looks a bit silly, but he's really responsive & helpful in the comments on his website, facebook, and youtube.


Thank you so much! This is very helpful :D


Vielen Dank!! Ich gebe nechsten Monat der DSDII und diese links sind sehr nützlich für mich gewesen. Danke!


Thank you so much for all of these resources!

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