"Sajnos nem örülök."

Translation:Unfortunately, I am not glad.

July 16, 2016

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I used pleased because when I tapped the word on the screen since it was a new word pleased was one of the choice words.


Are you trying to say that you got it wrong by saying that? If that's the case, report it. (It probably was already fixed because I did the same and got it right)


I think (s)he put "Unfortunately, I pleased". That's why


I learned to say "örülök hogy megismertelek" as in "I'm glad/pleased to meet you." No American would ever describe themselves as glad (especially nowadays). I mean, without "i am glad to meet you, i am glad you came, i am glad i ate that langós." You don't describe yourself as glad. Glad ALWAYS implies a second part of the sentence. I am glad THAT, TO or FOR something.


no one in English would EVER say, "Unfortunately, I am not glad" !!

yet another daft duolingo sentence


Agreed, "I am not happy" or "I am not pleased" would be much more natural. I can't recall anyone ever saying "I'm not glad"


I've heard this phrase in English with happy instead of glad.


Interesting: örülök is similar phonetically to heureux in french also meaning happy.


I HATE the font they use. I cannot visually tell ö from ő nor ü from ű easily. I will send feedback, but it's crazy-making for me.

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