"I can't find the way."

Translation:אני לא מוצא את הדרך.

July 16, 2016



Why doesn't the translation include "יכולה"? Doesn't this sentence translate to "I don't find the way"?

July 16, 2016


With certain verbs in English ("find", "see", "hear") we tend to include the word "can" just because it sounds better, but in most other languages this doesn't happen.

So when in English we say "I can't hear you", in Hebrew we say "I don't hear you".

Same for "I can't find it"/"I don't find it" and "I can't see it"/"I don't see it".

July 16, 2016


I answered "אני לא יכול למצוא את הדרך" and it was accepted by DL.

July 22, 2018


As a native Hebrew speaker, this sentence is how I would translate "אני לא מצליח למצוא את הדרך" (succeed = מצליח)

July 21, 2016


you can say it both ways but mostly you wouldnt say יכולה because its not like in English but if you wanted to use the other way it would need to be like that: אני לא יכולה למצוא את הדרך

July 16, 2016


is the correct לו מצתי את הדרך ?

April 8, 2018


The first word you have is "to him", you want "no" also "lo" but spelt לא

May 7, 2018


The answer is at the top

May 7, 2018
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