"Where do you see big buildings?"

Translation:Hol látsz nagy épületeket?

July 16, 2016

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'Epulet' is building, 'epuletek' is buildings, 'epuleteket' is buildings in the accusative?


Is there anything wrong with the word order in: Hol nagy épületeket látsz?


Yes, the verb (látsz) should come immediately after the interrogative word (hol).


Why to put the verb just before "Hol" and not at the end?


Hol before the verb, not the other way around.
The spot immediately before the verb is the focus of the sentence. What's important to you. And whenever you have a question word, you want to make sure someone answers on that question, so you put in in the focus.

You can also say "Nagy épületeket hol látsz?" which carries the meaning of "Big buildings? Where do you see those?"


I had the same problem as Sarah Fletcher, "Hol nagy épületeket" got rejected. Which is good. I can't think of an elegant way to express emphasis in the way you can in Hungarian. In English, the written sentence is ambiguous, you'd have use your voice to show the emphasis was on the big buildings, or use a clumsy workaround. Having my answers rejected is speeding up my learning, not slowing it down, thanks to the support of native speakers that take the time and trouble to clarify things like this

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