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  5. "Milyenek a magyar óvónők?"

"Milyenek a magyar óvónők?"

Translation:What are the Hungarian kindergarten teachers like?

July 16, 2016



Igen. Repülőgépek és magyar óvónők tudnak repülni. Így, magyar óvónők repülőgépek vannak.


When discussing groups and categories in Hungarian, the definite article is required. Consequently, without further context, it is impossible to distinguish whether this should be "Hungarian kindergarten teachers" as a general statement, or "the Hungarian kindergarten teachers" as a specific statement. Both should be accepted.


Óvónők... óvónők everywhere.


They are extremely strange


What are the Hungarian kindergarten teachers like? kindergarten what does this word mean? Is it English?


Kindergarten is school for the very youngest children - in America, children usually go to kindergarten when they are five years old. It's a common word in English, but it comes directly from German.


In English, "kindergarten" is one flavour of schooling for pre-school children.


Is "What do the hungarian kindergarden teachers look like?" wrong?


My understanding is that milyen refers more generally to the quality of a thing, not just its appearance. If someone asked me, "Milyen a feleséged?" (what is your wife like?), I could perhaps answer "Nagylelkű." (she is generous). But as English, when asked, "what does your wife look like?", a reply of "she is generous" doesn't make any sense.

Does that help?


How do we call male kindergarten teachers? óvó?

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