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  5. "Đi ăn cũng được."

"Đi ăn cũng được."

Translation:I'm okay with going to eat.

July 16, 2016



This above english sentence and the other ' It is okay to go eat" sound real odd. What do they mean?


I'm no native speaker, but in my experience, in Vietnamese "đi" precedes a lot of words that indicate an activity that you need to go somewhere else to do. It might mean something like "it's okay to go out to eat"


that is correct. may I just add.. "cũng được" has the meaning of "(I don't necessarily/specifically want to but) I'm okay to [...]" or "(I haven't thought about doing it but) I'm okay to [...]"


In any case, "it's OK to go eating" is a very strange sentence in English. I can't imagine a natural context for it. "It's OK to go eat" sounds more natural as permission to go get something to eat.


Yeah, ok, lets go eat.


"Going to eat is ok with me" -- marked wrong.


I grasped the meaning, but there are many ways to express it in English. I tried: let us eat, but that was rejected.


I would say "okay to go to eat", as the vietnamese sentence is very espontaneous. The english formulation sounds to formal to me.


There is no tôi hêre so why (I am). Isnt it more likely a imperative statement " going to eat!!"


"going to eat" is not an imperative statement though. anyhow, the VNmese sentence is definitely not imperative.


Sorry "okay to go eat!!??. The problem here is the viet is an incomplete sentence filled with assumption that is fine when spoken but cannot be translated literally when written. We know pretty much what is meant but not why or who it is said for. I suspect this is a response to a question so "to go eat is okay" is the probably the best fit.


I don't think "I'm okay with going to eat." is a good translation. While we normally assume that the Indirect Object is "I", it is not specified here; therefore, this ambiguity should transferred over in translation. My take is "Going to eat is fine." In this, we are able to keep both the Indirect Object's ambiguity and the word order.

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