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Pronominal Objects tips section

I just did the lesson on pronominal objects and I was confused by the table in the tips section. It looks like each column represents the subject pronouns (I/we, you, he/she/they), and each row represents the object pronouns. Is that right? If it is, then the words that are in each cell of the table don't match what they should be, according to the description in the tips section. Or do I have it backwards?

Would someone be willing to explain this to me?

Thank you!

July 16, 2016



It's the other way around. The first row is sentences with a 1st person subject. Reading across that row, you find: no entry in the column for first person object; "látlak téged" in the column for 2nd person object; "látom őt/őket" in the column for third person object.

Next row is sentences with 2nd person subject, and so on.

The entries on the diagonal are blank because those would be reflexive, with a slightly different construction that they haven't explained there.


Thank you! That makes a lot more sense.

What threw me off was the arrow pointing right, next to the word "subject" in the upper-left corner of the table. This made me think that the column header was for the subjects, and that each column was a different subject person. Then the word "object" was underneath, so I thought the row header was for each object and that the rows were the objects. It was confusing.

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