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"כשאתה כועס אתה צריך לספור עד עשר."

Translation:When you are angry you need to count to ten.

July 16, 2016



Can't צריך also be translated as "should" here?


Doesn't 'must' mean the same as 'need to'?


Must is much stronger. Need to/should (maybe have to, but I guess it is also too strong) should be accepted in my oppinion.


Sorry, my english is bad. I know it. But can someone explain me why "when" and not "if" is correct? P.S. I am German


In German you don't distinguish between the two, as "wenn" means both "if" (hebrew אם) and "when" (כש). So it is better to use English as a reference here. The sentence could be expressed either way, with an "if" or with a "when". But there is a different nuance: using "if" you do not assume that the condition you are stating is necessarily going to be fulfilled, whereas using "when" you imply that the condition will be or was or is fulfilled, and its fulfillment is Just a matter of time.


Cross / angry not the same here?


Isn't "cross" slang? Besides, that's not used very commonly, so it's not in the system. You could have reported it and they the contributors can decide if they accept it or not.

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