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Hungarian Animation: Vuk

Here's a little clip from one of the greatest Hungarian animated films, Vuk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ragcwjivFk

If you've made it through the first few lessons here, you may be surprised and pleased to see how much you recognize, even if not everything is clear. There is a transcription here (the clip I've linked begins with the words Nem vagy fáradt?) :


If you're learning, though, you might like to see how much you can figure out before peeking! There are other clips from Vuk available on YouTube and from time to time the whole film surfaces for a while before it is deleted. The dialog and the voices are great, and I think you'll find a lot of the sentences very memorable. There is also an English-dubbed version out there, but in my opinion it loses a lot of charm.

The movie is rather freely adapted from the short novel Vuk by Fekete István; you can find the whole text of the book if you search for it. It's a good read at the intermediate level. You'll learn lots of vocabulary about nature, the woods, animals, and so on. I think it's somewhat comparable to "Watership Down" in tone and difficulty.

July 16, 2016



Fekete Istvan is a good name for Hungarian language students to remember. He wrote dozens of great, enormously popular, intermediate-level stories for children (and adults), many about animals ... his books are in the same vein as, say, Charlotte's Web.


I've got Kele, Csi, Hu, Lutra and Ballago Ido on my bookshelf, from my parents.


Aww, Vuk. I watched the movie before I started learning, and I chose the Hungarian version because of two reasons: I wanted to simply listen to the language, and I preferred that version of the story to the softened English one. But the English subtitles were so all over the place that it made watching annoying. I will certainly get back to the movie soon and try to figure out the dialogs, half of which were lost in the translation, myself. Thanks for the script and the tip about the book! :)


Thank you very much for the links - also to gwe1980 - qiute cute, even if I understand hardly any word (just starting, but enjoying to get accustomed to the melodie and pick up some "known" words)


Köszönöm szépen.


I looked at this and other clips on YouTube and I definitely will add this (both the movie and book) on my list of resources to use once my level is more advanced. Köszönöm.


I named my dog Vuk. It is him on my profile picture. He lived 13 years a good life. The best dog ever !


Vuk is a great movie, but it has a sequel, Kis Vuk, which you should stay away from.


Vukk is a really good animated story, it used to be my childhood favorite.

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