"Péter kint lát egy épületet."

Translation:Péter sees a building outside.

July 16, 2016

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To me, "Péter lát kint egy épületet" sounds more natural than "kint lát". Any other hungarians agree with me on this? The word order "kint lát" only sounds good when you'd like to emphasize that he sees it outside, not inside: "Péter kint lát egy épületet (, nem bent)" = "Péter sees a building outside (, not inside)"


yes, I agree with you


If I say, "I see a building outside", it means that there's a building I'm seeing and the building is outside.

If I say, "Outside, I see a building", it means that I'M outside and while I'm out there, I see a building. (I think)

How do I distinguish these meanings in Hungarian?


In fact it's pretty hard to distinguish those meanings in English! I'm a native speaker and I hear your second sentence as synonymous with the first.

To give the second meaning in English you'd need to say something like "When I am outside, I see a building."

(As an aside, I'm curious about what building you would see inside another one...)


I'm curious about what building you would see inside another one...

You can see a lot of buildings out from a window. I don't know how you live, but you might see buildings from outside your window.


"Látok kint egy épületet." can mean both.

The best translation for "Outside, I see a building" I could think of is "Kintről látok egy épületet." = "I see a building from outside."


I’m three sections into this unit (on level 3) and I haven’t had a single exercise where I have to write a sentence in Hungarian to test the skills being taught.


This isn't something that could be dealt with by mortals who read these discussions. :) Apparently, something has changed about the way you get the exercises - for me, "write a sentence in Hungarian" tasks only appear at the end of lower levels and I have the impression that they only appear when I barely make mistakes in the earlier exercises.

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