"Bydd hi yn y gwaith yfory."

Translation:She will be in work tomorrow.

July 16, 2016

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To be in work means to be attending the workplace to me. I frequently work at home, and will say that i'm 'in work' tomorrow, to indicate i'll turn up at the office, rather than work at home that day. Yorkshire native speaker ;)


Is this a Britishism? To me, in the US, "at work" means being physically present; "in work," which is rarely heard, means to me that she has a job, not that she'll actually be at it tomorrow. Which do you folks mean here?

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Separated by a common language :-)

You're right, this is a UK expression and it does mean being present in the workplace.

'At work' is accepted for this translation as well and is also used in the UK.

To actually have a job we use possession in English and Welsh.


At work sounds correct

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