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  5. "We want both of the books."

"We want both of the books."

Translation:אנחנו רוצים את שני הספרים.

July 16, 2016



Doesn't this also translates to we want the two books?


yeah it kinda does but the one in the title is a bit more acurate


Does, "אנחנו רוצים את השני הספרים" mean, "We want the two books "?

I also initially translated the top sentence as, "We want the two books." but couldn't understand why there was no, "ה" in front of "שני".


anakhnu rotzim et shnei ha-sfarim


Why is "שניהם" incorrect here? I wrote "אנחנו רוצים את שניהם הספרים" and it was marked wrong.


It's wrong because שניהם is "both of them" (שני = both, הם = of them). What you wrote would be translated "we want both of them the books."


why is אנו wrong?


I type "רוצים את שני הספרים" what does it got wrong??


Nothing, if you want to make a general statement without a subject (You = all whom it may concern), i.e. רוֹצִים אֶת שְׁנֵי הַסְּפַרִים one wants both of the books, this would mean that people in general would like to have the books or want them as a pair.


Then, check out this phrase "מכנים כל מיני דברים בארץ" It does mean that people do all kind of thing in Israel, So it can be translated as, they do all kind of things in Israel, can it?


Do you mean מְכַנִּים one nicknames or מְכִינִים one prepares? Well yes, then מְכִינִים כׇּל־מִינֵי־דְּבַרִים בָּאָ֫רֶץ would mean they (= people) prepare (= make) all sorts of things in Israel.


Yes the second One "מכינים כל מיני דברים ."בארץ

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