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"Sie sind zu der Insel geschwommen?"

Translation:Did you swim to the island?

January 31, 2013



Should this not be "Sind sie zu der Insel geschwommen?", why the change in order?


yeah it sounds almost like a statement of disbelief that's both a statement and a question, like "they swam to the island... really!?", it's still confusing though


I think that's what they're trying to convey here -- that a question can be formed in this way by using a declarative sentence with a questioning tone to form a question (probably of disbelief, I can't think of another reason to do this). And I think they did it quite naturally because I didn't even realize it till I saw OP's comment. Personally I think that it's a good example to have, so we know that this is possible in german.


My question also. Perhaps it's just the presence of a question mark.


Nobody uses "swum". As an English person, I always use swam. Needless to say that I was marked wrong for that.

[deactivated user]

    I swim I swam I have swum


    Drink drank drunk, sing sang sung, swim swam swum. these are normal


    You have to add the verb 'have' - I have swum, one would never say I swum (very clumsy English)


    Warum "zu der" statt "zur?"


    "You have swum to the island?" rejected. I guess maybe Duo disregarded my "?" as it does with all punctuation, and so did not consider my answer to be a question. Even though the the German sentence itself also used punctuation to indicate it was a question.


    For a question, is usual in German to start with the verb, ''Sind sie .... '' The way this sentence is phrased it is a statement! Please correct this Duo.


    I was marked wrong for: have they swum to the island?


    I had a similar problem with "You have swum to the island?". Duolingo is increasingly sparse with correct answers at this level. :(


    mmm it seems so. But they corrected learned to learnt quickly so hopefully if they keep getting notified it will improve


    Can one use ' hast du zu der insel geschwommen' here?


    can i put the word toward instead to


    Why is "you swam to the island?" rejected?

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