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"בני האדם אוכלים ארוחת צהריים."

Translation:The humans are eating lunch.

July 16, 2016



I am a normal human doing normal human things like eating lunch.


This is something a parliament of owls say when they see a group of people having food in the afternoon.


I thought aliens watching us. We are their lunch!


How very Chronicles of Narnia (taken from Hebrew, of course).


Why can't this be translated "humans eat lunch"?


The construct "sons of Adam" is definite, so it would have to be "The humans eat lunch."


I would find it hard to believe that the phrase בני אדם which is translated to the most general term of person, meaning any one of the human race, wasn't originated from Adam of Genesis (The Bible/Torah). But i guess all בני אדם have the right to thier own opinion. Whatever you believe. God will never force you to believe in His Word/ truth.


I guess what was meant is that when using בְּנֵי־אָדָם as a term nowadays it does not evoke directly Adam, like when we speak of Adam's apple (Hebrew תַּפּוּחַ־הָאָדָם or more scientifically פִּקַּת־הַגָּרוֹן protrusion of the larynx), the pictorial aspect is usually paled, although when asked about its origin, one could point out the Biblical narrative. The meaning son of man is already established as a poetical term for human being in the Tanakh (לאיש כמוך רשעך ולבן אדם צדקתך Hi 35.8 your wickedness is for a man like yourself and your righteousness is for a son of man), so that the way was free to use it as a secular term.


Is it normal to say sons of Adam? Seems so biblical.


The phrase בן אדם came to mean human and isn't even associated with the biblical Adam


Why not accept "people eat lunch"?


Or if you like a particular episode of "The Twilight Zone" בני האדם הם ארוחת צהרים.


The title of that episode, "To Serve Man", would not work in Hebrew. "לשרת בני אדם" uses a different word than "להגיש בני אדם". Puns can be impossible to translate.


the perfect opportunity has presented itself, it is time to launch our attack


So this is refering to a spescial group of people, not to human beings in general?


This sentence sounds like we are watching the humans in an enclosure at the zoo. Though I have also heard Israelis use that term to just mean person. !איזה מין בן אדם אתה? תתנהג כמו בן אדם


It should be the people are eating lunch

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