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"השוטר חושב שהיא משקרת ושהיא לא הקורבן."

Translation:The policeman thinks she is lying and that she is not the victim.

July 16, 2016



I realize this is rather late in the game to be asking, but are חושב and חשוב related in some regular way?


yes they both have the same "shoresh letters"


Thanks, among other things, for teaching me how to say triliteral root in Hebrew. I assume this, then is a regular way of turning a verb in to an adjective, then, so "important" means something like "thought about a lot."


Story of our times.


Other than reminding me of Chrissy Blasey Ford, does anyone know if there is a way to make a feminine form of the word for victim here. Isn't קורבן masculine?


It's both, there's only one form for singular & one for plural. She's only a victim in her mind, the word doesn't apply to her.

This is what you're actually referring to https://www.pealim.com/dict/2311-leshaker/


In English you can say The policeman thinks that she is lying and she is not the victim, with the word that applying to everything that follows. In Hebrew, can you similarly say השוטר חושב שהיא משקרת והיא לא הקורבן? Or do you have to say ש twice? (In English there's the extra complication that you can often skip the word that, it being implied. But the translation here, with that in the second half of the sentence but not the first, is a little awkward.)


I would say that in Hebrew, both ש are necessary. I am not a native speaker, though, but it doesn't seem right to me to leave out the second ש.


Is קורבן both masc and fem?


Well, the words קורבן itself is masculine, but has feminine looking plural - קורבנות. However, this word is used for both men and women who are victims. There is no other, separate word for a woman victim.

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