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  5. "השחקן יתעלם מהרופא."

"השחקן יתעלם מהרופא."

Translation:The player will ignore the doctor.

July 16, 2016



actor is also a valid translation of שחקן


No, it's not been fixed yet (Nov. 2019)


Am I positive that לְהִתְעַלֵּם is that's why ממשהוא as it is derived from להעלם "to hide FROM (מ) somebody"?


You hit the nail on the head.


As I understand it, the hiphil verb "to hide" (להעליﬦ) has the root (עלﬦ). When this same root (עלﬦ) is applied to the hitpa'el binyan then it becomes (להתעלﬦ) "to hide yourself", and this hitpa'el verb "to hide yourself" is followed by the "מ" prefix for the next Hebrew word. Thus, the meaning becomes "to hide yourself from" due to the "מ" addition. If you hide yourself from someone or something that is to effectively "to ignore" someone or something. This explains how the same root (עלﬦ) can mean "to hide" or to "ignore" depending upon the particular binyan chosen (In this case, Hiphil or Hitpa'el respectively).


How did you get your ם to look so stretched?


Well, I suppose he used one of the extendible letters (Litterae dilatabiles): ת ,ם ,ל ,ה and א can be widened, because at the end of a line a word is not split, so in order to have your character alignment justified, traditional typesetters streched letters. This is Unicode HEBREW LETTER WIDE FINAL MEM: ﬦ. Example:


Hey, that looks like a really nice Hebrew emoticon! :ﬦ is a very big-mouthed person! Other variations I can imagine are :פ (mischievously grinning), :ז (looking critically) and :׆ (bitterly disappointed).


Is there anything you don’t know? :P

I’ve seen this in writing of course but still found it amusing that it had somehow made it onto the Duolingo forum.


The Mystery is solved! In reply to Airelibre, my final Mem's are characterized by Duolingo as typos, so I have learned to live with constant typos when I examine Duolingo's response to my answer, but fortunately Duolingo does not mark my answers as incorrect so that I can still progress through the course. You might be amazed at how many typos I get. ﬦ:


My friend programmed for me a special Hebrew keyboard to match the Bibleworks keyboard that I had been using for many years. I did not want to relearn another Hebrew keyboard (ie. the standard one). I was not capable of transferring my bibleworks keyboard, but he made another Hebrew keyboard for me to use in Windows 10. However, there was the one flawed Hebrew letter that he put together. Yep, you guessed it, the stretched out "Mem" letter. He could probably fix it, but I have just been using the "stretched" Mem letter, instead of troubling him further.


Haha well at least you’ve got something that makes you unique. I hope it’s not causing you any issues using the course (“typos” or “wrong” answers).


physician should be accepted


Ha-sachkan yit'alem meha-rofe

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