"Why do you eat such a big dinner?"

Translation:למה אתן אוכלות ארוחת ערב גדולה כל כך?

July 16, 2016

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why must כל כך be at the end of the sentence?


I have a question (since my answer was marked wrong): Can't I switch the position of 'gdola' and 'kol kach'? Also in another lesson I got marked wrong when I wrote "[...] lamrot she'ani ha'ach yoter katan".


ארוחת ערב כל כך גדולה should be correct, you can report it

למרות שאני האח יותר קטן should be Hayoter katan, you forgot the Hay


When would I use definite (את ארוחת הערב) and when indefinite (ארוחת ערב) case?


Why is "למה אתם אוכלים" marked incorrect but "למה אתן אוכלות" is correct?


Sorry Pumbush, you are incorrect. The ha should be thus: למרות שאני האח הקטן יותר או למרות שאני האח הקטן היותר The first means: Although I am the younger (littler) brother while the latter means: Although I am the youngest (littlest) brother. Hebrew can be a bugger (Aussie slang).


Why is it you feminine for eating a big meal?


Why does you have to be feminine plural


Ok I thought I was just marked wrong for putting col cah at the end and now I get it marked wrong for not putting it at the end.

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