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How do I type in Hebrew?

Computer keyboards generally aren't in Hebrew. Some people have trouble with this. One solution is going to Google translate, but if there are other ways, please share them below.

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July 16, 2016



www.doitinhebrew.com - it has two Hebrew keyboards, the Israeli standard and one where the placement of the Hebrew letters corresponds phonetically to the Roman equivalents.



This has been helping me with typing in Hebrew.


Depending on your operating system, installing a suitable keyboard layout option may be the easiest option. Typically your OS will give you a hotkey to switch keyboard setups, so you can quickly go back and forth between your native keyboard layout and the keyboard layout of the language you're trying to learn.

  • Linux: install the scim-m17n package. The following page has more information for Ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SCIM . SCIM seems to be the way to go for most scripts.
  • OS X: change input sources: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH18448?locale=en_US (Note that I haven't tried this, since I don't have an OS X machine).
  • Android: install one of the various Hebrew keyboard packages (search the Play Store for "Hebrew Keyboard"), then switch keyboards by long-pressing the space bar. I haven't tried this for Hebrew yet, but it works well with all the other languages that I've used it for.

I'm not familiar with other OSes, though I suspect that SCIM will work on other Unix variants, at least.

Figuring out which keys go to what takes practice; I've been using http://www.qsm.co.il/Hebrew/keyboard.htm


thanks, but this is a little complicated and I'd prefer links that you can use with a computer. :)


Those first two links are links that you can use with a computer (desktops and laptops). The first explains how to install a Hebrew keyboard layout on Linux computers and the second is for OS X (Apple).


well, I meant that you can use with all computers. 1 uses Linux and 2 uses OS X


Unless you want something like an online keyboard (such as http://gate2home.com/Hebrew-Keyboard which had already been posted) you're likley totally out of luck as this is something that is generally enabled from within the operating system itself. It's kind of like asking for a way to enable wifi that is the same for all OSs.

There might be programs that you can buy (or perhaps download for free) that span various OSs but that's a very clunky solution.


Maybe consider becoming a computer programmer!


Thanks everybody! Since it'll be hard to flip through all the links to find the one to look for, I'll post them above.

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