"A széles folyó mellett táncolunk."

Translation:We are dancing next to the wide river.

July 16, 2016

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A short, meaningful, and vivid sentence. More sentences like this would be good.


What a poetic sentence. Bravi!


Yay! I'd love to be dancing by the riverside in the moonlight! At least I could cool off, it's been so hot here for over a week! This sentence has a lovely connotation.


I wrote wide river and got it wrong


Absolutely !!! I would love more sentences like this :D


Why "NEXT TO the wide river" is not correct?


It sounds a little odd, but should be accepted.


I thought what was at the front of the sentence, or at least before the verb was emphasized, so I translated this as, Beside the wide river we are dancing. Why is this wrong?


Jarl, it's not wrong, it's just a weird English translation. English doesn't usually shift emphasis by moving around parts of the sentence.


But we might say this in English and personally, if i can translate it as near to the literal Hungarian as possible it will help me to "think magyar"


My tip would be stop thinking in English when speaking in Hungarian. You'd only get a sentence like yours in a fairly pretentious case, such as prose, not every day speech. Also, the focus is ALWAYS at the beginning of the sentence in Hungarian, so you have to think right to left rather than left to right as you would in English


Kék Duna keringő / The Blue Danube (Johann Strauss II)

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