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"Họ không biết quốc tịch của tôi."

Translation:They do not know my citizenship.

July 16, 2016



From Chinese 國籍

  • Mandarin: guójí
  • Cantonese: gwok jihk


Do you use a particular source to look this up or you just use your knowledge?


Wiktionary, although usually I recognise at least one component of a word/phrase as familiar (e.g. here I recognised 國 but not 籍).


I see. I discovered a lot while making this course too.


It becomes very easy to guess/recognise once you know a little bit of Chinese (characters) and Vietnamese. Delve a little bit deeper into some linguistics and you'll recognise that from just the sentence "họ không biết quốc tịch của tôi" you will find that họ is derived from 戶 (Hán Việt: hộ) which can mean household/family and hence clan/surname/they. Không is obviously from 空 by association of empt(y/iness).


It is the same word for both singular 'citizenship' and plural 'citizenships', right?

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