"Three, five and six are my numbers."

Translation:שלוש, חמש ושש הם המספרים שלי.

July 17, 2016



Why is the "הם" needed in this sentence?

September 1, 2016


hey'im from israel. there is a problem'you shouldnt write "הם".

January 2, 2017


Thank you for responding. The question is why wouldn't you use it. I know it's not a coupla,... but there are some places where it's needed anyway.

February 22, 2019


Why can't we use אילו here? In the sample sentence "6 is a number" we use זה, so using the plural of that seemed reasonable.

July 17, 2016


You could use אלה, but אילו is a question word.

July 17, 2016


Why הם and not זה? When there are pairs of numbers in a nominal sentence (e.g., 9 is less than or more than another number) I've noticed that the copula is זה but here it's הם. Is it הם here because the second part of the copula is not a number? Rivka Halevy has a discussion of "Deixis: Modern Hebrew" in Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics (Bill, 2003) pp. 693-97, here p. 697, in which she writes that in spoken Hebrew, זה is frequently employed as a stylistic variant of the third person pronominal copulas הן, הם, היא, הוא. Since זה can sometimes be used for הם, why not so here? Would it be problematic to use זה here or just very informal?

April 7, 2019
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