"Are the short tourists Chinese, Korean or Japanese?"

Translation:Az alacsony turisták kínaiak, koreaiak vagy japánok?

July 17, 2016



Is there an explanation why it is kínaiAk, koreiAk but japánOk? I thought adjectives took -ak in all cases?

July 26, 2016


Adjectives with the name of a country as their stems take -ak (or -ek if they're front-vowel words):

  • Korea + -i + -ak
  • Kína + -i + -ak
  • Amerika + -i + -ak
  • Egyiptom + -i + -ak

Demonyms that don't have this structure take -ok (or -ök/-ek if they're front-vowel words):

  • japán + -ok
  • angol + -ok
  • skót + -ok
  • dán + -ok

(For some reason there's no such word as "japáni". I can't take of any other country that can't take the -i suffix)

July 26, 2016


When do you need to decline the adjective to the noun?

July 17, 2016


The only time you don't decline is when the adjective is directly in front of a noun, like alacsony in this sentence.

July 17, 2016
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