"On mówi o czymś nudnym."

Translation:He is speaking about something boring.

July 17, 2016

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isn't "nudnym" adjective for plural?


No, it's neuter locative. Coś (something) is neuter. O (about) with verbs like mówić o... (speak about...), rozmawiać o... (talk about...), myśleć o (think about...) requires the locative case.

The endings in this case would be: "nudnej" (feminine), "nudnym" (person-masculine, inanimate-masculine, neuter) and "nudnych" (plural both).


Why is the adjective in the locative? I understand why it should be mówić o czymś but I had learned that coś is followed by adjectives in the genitive (mówić o czymś nudnego). Does that only apply when it would be nominative or accusative, similarly to numbers?


I second this question


This is a pattern that is also visible in other topics like verbal nouns and numerals. Nominative and accusative are 'weak' cases, which can be turned into genitive under certain circumstances. All other cases remain untouched, even if the circumstances are the same.


What about 'He speaks of something boring'? 'Speaking of this', 'Speaking of that' - after 'speaking' I would usually use 'of' rather than 'about'.


Makes sense, added.


can you use coś instead of czymś? I hope that's not a terribly ignorant question, but I've always used coś anytime I've ever wanted to say "something," and I'm a little sad to find out that this is incorrect. Hah So, just in case coś always works, I thought I'd ask.


Mowić o takes locative. So it must be czymś. Coś would be nominative/accusative.


How about "He speaks about something boring"?


How does coś decline?

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