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"Having a small flashlight can be useful."

January 31, 2013



ayant instead of avoir?


No, the French don't use the present participle for that.


'D'avoir une petite torche peut être utile.' Two questions: 1 Avoir vs D'avoir ? 2: la torche vs la lampe de poche (which is more colloquial?)


q1 aucune idée q2 lampe de poche where we live; mind you where we live has the reputation of haveing the worst French in France.


Avoir vs d'avoir is matter of word order: "il est utile d'avoir une lampe" vs "avoir une lampe est utile". Both constructions have the same meaning.

  • In the first case, the sentence starts with the impersonal formula "il est utile de" which means "it is useful to". Then the subject of verb "est" is "il".

  • In the second case, "avoir une lampe" is the subject of verb "est utile".

"La torche" is a bigger tool than "la lampe de poche", so together with "petite", the right choice is "lampe de poche". Also, "la torche" suggests that the light will be more powerful than the one you get from a simple "lampe de poche".


how about "c'est utile d'avoir une petitie lampe de poche"


You can use and hear it, but it is more correct to say "il est utile de..."

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