"Kisétálunk a Margitszigetre?"

Translation:Do we walk out to Margaret Island?

July 17, 2016

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Szerintem ha mar a Margitszigetet leforditjuk Margaret island-re, akkor nem hasznalando a "the" elotte. Angolul nem mondana senki, hogy "the Margaret island" - angolban a tulajdonnevek ele nem kerul nevelo.


Except few country names.And this catch Margaret or Margit,I walked there many times in my life and nobody called it Margaret island but Margitsziget.It was a wonderful place,nowdys it is just like all other global tourist places conffectionary.,even changed the name.It's a pity


I have heard of Margit Sziget but never of Margaret Island. I would think that Margit Island would be preferable to changing the name of the island to English.


------- maybe this will help: New browser extension for viewing the lists of accepted solutions

I've been using this extension for a couple of weeks, ever since I found this post by accident. I can just honestly say WOW! Thank you so much, Bia-Hoi! I can't tell you how fantastically useful and informative this extension has been! It's one of those things you didn't know you needed until you used it and then you realize you've been living like a savage before that. :) I'm kidding a bit, of course, but I am so very thankful for this, nonetheless. it also showed me how much work the contributors to the courses have - some sentences have so many possible solutions, it's insane.

Peter Yes, the extension by bia-hoi can be found at



Exactly! Sensible English would be something like, "Do we walk out to Margaret, or even Margit, Island?". Or, "Are we walking out to Margaret Island?"


"Do we walk out to Margit island" just got rejected...


"Are we walking out to Margaret Island?" was just accepted.


---------- shall we walk out to margitsziget ? . . .


It is enough with this jokes once is the Margaret island the other time Margaret island.Every even not educated English does not put the definite article in front of the geographic names except a few country names.


-------- doesn't the prefix separate when it's a question ? . . .

Big 11 apr 19


Not in this case, because the focus is on the "whole" action (prefix + verb): we want to know whether we are going or not.
The prefix would separate if the question started with an interrogative word such as ki, mi, mikor ... because question words get the focus and must be in front of the verb without prefix...
Mikor sétálunk ki a Margitszigetre? - when do we walk out to Margaret Island?
Ki sétál ki a Margitszigetre? - who walks out etc..?

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