"I quickly go there into the restaurant and eat lunch."

Translation:Odaugrom abba az étterembe és ebédelek.

July 17, 2016

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this translation could never be guessed in its currently acceptable form


Is it me or does the "abba" come out of nowhere?


as the hover over says, it means "into that" coming from the determinative "az" and affix "-ba", simplified to "abba" to ease pronunciation. It is used to specify that particular restaurant. With "abba" the Hungarian sentence means: "I quickly go into that restaurant and eat lunch (and none else)" without it, the sentence is also correct, but means "I quickly go into the restaurant and eat lunch"


Yeah but the English sentence doesn't say "into that", it says "into the", so that's why I said it came from nowhere.


agreed, that's why I pointed out the error in my first comment


The term used here "ugrom" means jump and jumping/jumping over to do something is actually slang, not an acceptable term for a language program. This is a disgrace

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