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  5. "שלום אבא, מה שלומךָ?"

"שלום אבא, מה שלומךָ?"

Translation:Hello dad, how are you?

July 17, 2016



How can I add vowels? How come Duo is suddenly requesting vowels?


This is what I wanted to ask. I am using http://gate2home.com/Hebrew-Keyboard to type. How do I add the vowel marks?


its only in the question not in the answer i dont understand whats the problem


Its required in the answer for this one


Can someone please explain the two different pronunciations of שלומך and when each one is used?


So, they change depending on if you are talking to a male or female. "ma shlomcha" is addressing a male and "ma shlomech" is addressing a female. Hope that helps!


Why is there a dot in the final koph rather than the tiny T symbol underneath it? I assumed the one with the dot was pronounced "shlomech"?


Yes, the one with the two small dots inside the final chaf...Are you familiar with all of the vowels?


I thought I was, but obviously not! I thought the "ah" vowel was a tiny T under the letter, and that two dots meant no vowel? So I'd have expected "shlomcha" to have the T under the kaph, and "shlomech" to have the dots - but the one with the dots is pronounced "shlomcha", which is what is confusing me - it's the opposite way round to what I'd have expected.


No, you're right. :) The "little T" under a letter does say "ah." The two dots are a stop but it can also say "eh." So, the one that has the "little T" inside the final chaf says "shlomcha" and the one with the two dots inside the final chaf says "shlomech." Make sense? I'm sorry if I just added to your confusion! I think you've got it. :)


One is male one is female


I protest: hallo is not acceptable? Why not?


Is it actually used regularly where you live?

If you think your answer should be accepted, the best thing to do is use the report button. The moderators don't read all of the discussion on all of the questions, but they will see your response if you report.

Are you sure you didn't have any other mistakes? Usually if only one letter is different, it will tell you you spelled it wrong instead of marking it wrong. But if you want them to add your spelling, use the report button.


Hello - Hallo - Hullo They are all equally used. After all, it's more of a sound than a word. Hey and hi - yes. Those, too.

Thanks for the advice. If it happens again, I'll do as you suggest,


shalóm ába, ma shlomchá?


I'm not American, we dont address someone as "hey"

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